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Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart ... They NEVER Broke Up!!!

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart did NOT get back together, because we found out they were never really apart. Sources close to the couple tell us ... the break-up they announced in June was a business move. Multiple sources say in the spring they…

'Basketball Wives' Star Sundy Carter -- I Want Draya Michele Prosecuted ... An Eye For an Eye, Baby!

"Basketball Wives: LA" star Sundy Carter has filed a police report claiming co-stars Draya Michele and Malaysia Pargo violently assaulted her and caused permanent eye damage, but she may have royally screwed up the case. It happened during a…

NBA's Larry Johnson -- 1st Baby Mama Stands Down ... He Doesn't Owe Me Squat

Larry Johnson's first baby mama is coming to the ex-NBA star's defense -- telling TMZ Sports he's NOT a deadbeat dad ... claiming he doesn't owe her a dime. We broke the story ... Johnson -- who made more than $80 million in his NBA career -- filed…

Dr. Luke -- Prove the Abuse ... Turn Over Kesha's Medical Records

Dr. Luke is demanding Kesha produce medical records to prove he repeatedly sexually and physically abused her ... but the pop star is begging the court to shut down his request. According to the docs ... Kesha's ex-producer wants her to turn over…

Kendrick Lamar -- Bumping in C-O-M-P-T-O-N for Hometown Music Video Shoot

[[tmz:video id="0_066rhyr6"]] Kendrick Lamar's streak of cool performances continued with a trip to his hometown of Compton ... where he was shooting a music video at a swap meet.   This wasn't just any swap meet ... it's the legendary Compton…

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