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Kesha -- Served With Dr. Luke Lawsuit ... With a Fancy Chicken Assist

Kesha got served Monday by her producer Dr. Luke -- whose legal team enlisted the help of one of the most clever process servers of all time ... or maybe just the hungriest.The process server showed up at Kesha's L.A. home and slapped…

Patriots Brandon LaFell -- Sorry About My F-Word T-Shirt At a High School Football Game

Patriots wide receiver Brandon LaFell cops to having a wardrobe malfunction -- wearing a shirt that says "F**k Statistics" around a bunch of high school kids this weekend ... and wants to apologize for what he calls an innocent mistake.Parents at…

Katy Perry -- Cheesy B-Day Wish Comes True

Ask and ye shall receive ... if you're Katy Perry and your dream is to have a giant pizza-themed birthday celebration.The pop diva turns 29 in a few days and tweeted that all she wanted was her name on the marquee of the Shakey's Pizza parlor on…

Tori Spelling -- Quarantined Like an Ebola Patient

Tori Spelling had several of the symptoms, and got treated like an Ebola patient this weekend when she was hospitalized with a bunch of illnesses ... TMZ has learned.Sources tell us Tori was running a fever, coughing uncontrollably, and having…

Nicki Minaj -- Hard Evidence She's Single

If Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend are still together, then he's got a weird way of showing the love ... having 2 of his 3 Nicki tats covered up with new ink.Check out the pics for yourself ... Safaree Samuels had some work done on his chest --…

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