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Guess Who This Flower Child Turned Into!

Before this doll-faced cutie was making her mark in the modeling world, she was just another perfectly posed little lady growing up in Los Angeles, California. Can you guess who she is?

Mary J. Blige -- My Prenup's Way More Solid than My Marriage

Mary J. Blige wants to make it absolutely clear that her prenup is solid as a rock ... but her estranged husband begs to differ. The singer's lawyer, Gary Fishbein, filed docs asking the judge to give her prenup the stamp of approval. She's worried…

Conor McGregor -- Eddie Alvarez Is a Moron ... Shoulda Asked for More Money! (VIDEO)

Conor McGregor just went off on Eddie Alvarez -- claiming the guy's an idiot for agreeing to fight him at UFC 205 without signing a fat ass new contract.  You gotta watch the video ... McGregor goes off about how everyone in the UFC is trying…

Miranda Kerr -- Snapchat Specs Are All the Rage (VIDEO)

Being engaged to the CEO of a giant tech company has its perks -- just ask Miranda Kerr ... who says she's already had a go at wearing Snapchat Spectacles.  We got the Victoria's Secret Angel at LAX where she gave us her take on her fiance…

CM Punk -- Called Out By 'Howard Stern' Legend ... I'll Whoop Your Ass!! (VIDEO)

If CM Punk's looking for another MMA fight, there's already an opponent lining up -- Beetlejuice from "The Howard Stern show." Beet was out in NYC where he explained why he'd bust Punk up worse than Mickey Gall.  In fact, BJ also called out…

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