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Drake -- Loving Life Down Under ... New Chick's Bikini

Drake did a little importing for his Australian tour -- flying in a hot chick -- from NY to keep him company.   The "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" rapper was chilling at his hotel pool in Perth, Australia, wearing a smoking babe in…

Fashion Police -- Open Season On Kelly's Seat ... And Kathy Wants Final Say

Kelly Osbourne's departure opened the floodgates ... Hollywood agents are scrambling to get their clients a shot at her "Fashion Police" seat -- but they'll have to get past Kathy Griffin first.  Our sources at the network say it's been…

Steve Francis -- Rappers Vow to Get Chain Back ... From 'Stupid Ass' Thief

Steve Francis can rest easy about his missing chain -- 'cause the rappers who were performing on the night he got jacked tell TMZ Sports they're on MISSION to get the necklace back to the NBA star.  We broke the story ... Francis was on the…

50 Cent -- Betting $1.6 Mil On Floyd ... 'He Can't Lose'

How much does confidence cost? If you're 50 Cent, about $1.6 million ... 'cause that's how much the hip-hop star says he's going to bet on his old frenemy Floyd Mayweather Jr. to beat Manny Pacquiao. 50 and his G-Unit runnin' mate Tony Yayo sat…

Lou Ferrigno Exercises His Right to Threaten to Sue His Brother

Lou Ferrigno is angry at his brother (and you won't like him when he's angry) but instead of turning green ... he's skipping right to threatening a lawsuit over his bro's exercise equipment business.  Lou and his brother Andrew had a legal…

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